Our website considers the privacy of our clients seriously, and we aim to protect their privacy. For this purpose, we have constructed a privacy policy illustrating how we gather, utilize, and transfer your personal information. It also outlines the rights reserved by visitors using our website or engaging with our services about private information. It outlines how the website maintains the security of your data. If you are visiting our website to plan a Business or holiday tour, you must read our privacy policy below.

What Information Do We Gather?

We gather, use, and transfer the data of each client who uses our services. There are several ways to collect the visitor’s information.

  • Firstly, when the clients use our services, we collect data including their username, email, phone number, education, payment card, billing & postal address, and other personal details.
  • Secondly, we collect some data automatically when you use our services. The data includes cookies, other IDs, IP address, source of knowing our site, ISP, visit length, clicks, device and browser data, page views, and others. 
  • Thirdly, we gather information from the third party to help run our services. This information is mostly about your name, email, address, phone number, occupation, age, gender, education, purchases, credit reports, etc.
  • Lastly, we use the collected data to find out your interests. The collection of user data is also necessary for our legitimate purposes.

For What Purpose We Use Your Information

Costco Travels Online collects data from each client and uses it to serve them and operate their business. We use the information you provided for the following purposes.

  • First, we use it to provide services to each client and fulfill their requirements. This data is further used to register your account, build your identity, guide you about the best packages, carry out transactions between you and us, provide customer service, and much more. 
  • Second, we use the collected data to improvise and promote our services and partners. It helps us conduct surveys and market research or analysis, offer rewards, guide you about your partner’s best services, and target your advertisement on this and other platforms.
  • Lastly, we use your data to operate our business, prevent it from spam, protect our interests, and follow fair legal requests.

How Do We Use Cookies

Cookies are small data or text files used when you visit other websites. Our website uses cookies to view returning visitors, store data for further use, and target our advertising. Users can alter their browser’s settings to prevent the use of cookies. In this case, some of our services may not work after modification. 

When Do We Share Your Information With Others

This website shares your personal information with third parties or partners to offer services and operate our business. These partners are those with whom we run our business and pay them to host our databases. We share your data with lawyers, external advisors, and other professionals to abide by the law and defend our rights and those of thirty parties. 

For How Long Do We Keep Your Information

We keep your information with us as long as we provide our services to you. The duration is estimated by considering the amount and type of data, the risks that can arise due to unintended use, and whether we can do what we require by using less data. We may keep it if necessary for legal concerns, dispute resolution, spam prevention, and security.

What We Do To Keep Your Information Secure

Protection of your information is our primary preference, and we implement best practices to secure your data. However, storing or sharing it over the internet is always risky. Even our website cannot guarantee the safety of your data, and you must share it at your own risk. We prefer to use and store de-identified data and don’t risk identifying it unless the law permits.

Several tools and techniques are helpful in monitoring and protecting your data, and only our service providers can use them. We will inform you about privacy concerns via messages, letters, or phone calls. Nobody else can access your account on our site, so keep your password safe. Contact us if you think your privacy is at risk.

Your Control Over Your Data

You can restrict us in several ways about how we gather, use, store, and transfer your data. To make it happen, you have to submit a request. You can request us to access your data, update it, delete it, concerns over its sharing, and pull out your consent.

Where to Contact Us

We would appreciate your suggestions, queries, and feedback on our website. If you have any complaints or concerns regarding our privacy policy, contact us via email at info@costcotravel.online. Our team will address it as soon as possible.

Changes to This Policy

If we ever change our current privacy policy, we will specifically post a notification about its update. The old policy can recover the data collected before the change. Contact us to submit issues regarding your accessibility.