The 10 Most Instagrammable Places in Manila – Philippines 

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Manila is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The vibrant and dynamic city has a rich history and culture. The ruling countries like Japan, America, and Spain have left their marks on the culture of the capital of the Philippines. Explorers worldwide plan to visit Manila to explore its churches and historical monuments, regarded as the ‘Rome of the East.’ Besides that, you can find various beautiful parks, amusement parks, and other tourist attractions here as a perfect background for your Instagram. So, let’s read this article on our site to discover the fantastic Instagrammable places to visit in Manila.

Ayala Triangle Gardens

The Ayala Triangle Gardens is an urban park in Makati, Manila, Philippines. It spans an area of 2 hectares. This triangular public garden is named after its owner and developer, Ayala Land, and opened on 19/09/2009. It is a popular spot for locals and global tourists and is regarded for its jogging paths, seasonal light shows, elegant cafes, and restaurants.

Ayala Triangle Gardens Tower 2

Ayala Triangle Gardens Tower 2 is a building located within the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Manila. It has 39 floors and is surrounded by world-class shopping centers, banks, hotels, and dining options. Its prestigious office building offers a unique and desirable work environment for people in business. The building also has a 24-story five-star hotel that provides visitors with a premium and luxury experience. 

Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is also among the must-visit places in the city. It offers so many visiting options that you may take more than a day to explore. Its aquarium, Oceanarium, is considered the most giant aquarium in the world. It constitutes over 14,000 animals across 270 marine species. The administration here amazes visitors with its exciting Seal Lion Show, Penguin Show, and Bird Shows throughout the year. It would help if you came here at least with your friends or family to capture the lifetime moments.

National Museum

This place is particularly for history lovers fascinated by the dynamic heritage. You can visit it, especially with kids, to witness the incredible history and heritage of the Philippines displayed at the National Museum Complex in Manila. The entry is entirely free from the government for the visitors. You will explore the National Art Gallery, the Museum of the Filipino People, and the Planetarium in the complex.

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Casa Manila

This fantastic museum was built in the city more than 40 years ago, probably in 1980, by the architect Imelda Marcos. The museum’s construction reflects the elegant Spanish colonial architecture in its outlook. The museum has plenty of eye-catching elements and historical stuff that amaze its viewers upon their visit. It symbolizes the colonial civilization of the Philippines in its construction. The history-lovers must go here.

Money Museum

Manila is not deficient when it comes to history and ancient architecture. Money Museum is among the favorite destinations of Philipines visitors. It is a global treasure that has displayed old coins, banknotes, barter exchanges, bills, and other historical stuff. The Central Bank of the Philippines owns the place and runs its administration. The museum reflects the history of the Philippines’ economy.


The district is famous among global travelers and is popularly regarded as the world’s oldest Chinatown. Binondo is filled with markets all around. You will get plenty of shops of goldsmiths, bakeries, incense sticks, and tea houses. This place was considered a Chinese trade and commerce hub in the past. Filipino-Chinese have governed it for so many years.

Bonifacio Global City

Another popular place in Manila is Bonifacio Global City, a military base in the past. It’s regarded as a financial, lifestyle, and business district. Travelers will get many options for shopping, entertainment, dining, and tourism. It has all the elements that a tourist desires. Tall buildings, classic hotels, and world-class museums are the center of attention for photographers. 

Mall of Asia

Mall of Asia is the 4th largest shopping mall in the Philippines. It is located in the Pasay district of Metro Manila. This spot offers entertainment, leisure, and shopping options for its travelers. It is divided into four sections: the central mall, the entertainment mall, and the south and north parking buildings connected through various roads.

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Arroceros Forest Park

Manila is a populous city and is known for its traffic jams. Visitors can spend a few hours exploring Arroceros Forest Park between the constant hustle and bustle of town. The beautiful park is a dense forest and a site to explore. Many couples choose this romantic place to conduct their wedding photo shoots in the park of Manila. This fantastic place constitutes over 60 tree species, including 8,000 different types of plants, where more than ten birds live. 


If you love clubs and remain searching for the best visiting option, Republiq awaits visitors like you. It is one of the biggest and most popular clubs across Manilla. It is a Las Vegas-style club known for providing a lifetime nightlife experience. The club hosts its visitors with several lavish events, including EDM and House genre music with DJs from worldwide. If you are visiting Manila, you must come here at least once.

Final Words:

In conclusion, Manila must be on your priority list if you are looking for a perfect destination that offers exciting tourist attractions. The city of history, culture, and art provides impressive and exciting places that won’t disappoint you. You will love every minute of your visit. Moreover, you will have the best photographs for your feed. You can visit our website more frequently to read about the best Instagrammable places in Manila and other cities worldwide.

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