Visit the Top 10 Instagrammable Places In Bulacan, Philippines in 2024

Top 10 Instagrammable Places In Bulacan, Philippines

If you are tired of visiting usual Instagrammable places for tourism, we have a great suggestion to share. We are about to talk about a province of the Philippines packed with undiscovered treasures that are still less visited. Before you head towards more insights, let’s look at a brief info about Bulacan. So this province comprises three cities: Malolos, its capital, and San Jose del Monte and Meycauayan. It is located 35 km north of the capital of the Philippines. 

It is known for its historical significance, vibrant culture, diverse craftsmanship, festivals, natural beauty, and delightful cuisines. Above all, it’s a home to travelers who prefer camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities on their trips. Let’s head towards our journey to unveil the beautiful Instagrammable places in Bulacan and capture perfect shots for our Insta feed. Our agency, Costoco Travel Online , plans business tours, family vacations, and trips following clients’ preferences and budgets, giving them a lifetime experience.

Top 10 Instagrammable Places In Bulacan

Now, as you are fully up to set off for the trip to Bulacan, we will reveal the absolute best places to snap those stunning selfies and fascinating portraits for Instagram. Get ready to have fun and a lifetime experience.

1: Biak-na-Bato National Park

Biak-na-Bato National Park

Biak-na-Bato National Park holds great historical significance as Filipino revolutionaries used it as a mountain refuge in the war against the Spanish armed forces. It has over 100 caves, 10 trails, lush forests, and wildlife, extending over 2,117 hectares. Let your inner adventurer come out and get ready to crawl into these amazing caves to discover their mysteries. Moreover, this place offers you hiking, spelunking, and swimming. Click some mind-blowing shots and let your friends guess this incredible place.

2: The Garden City at Victoria

The Garden City at Victoria

Among the beautiful spots that differentiate Bulacan from other places is its Garden City at Victoria. The city offers countless activities, including a mini zoo, a candy cafe, a cactus room, amusement rides, and a botanical garden. Its breathtaking beauty is even more prominent at night. The botanical garden features a giant bouquet of beauty awaiting the tourists and its glorious and charming paths. Your followers will be in awe of the beauty of this spot behind your pictures.

3: Verdivia Falls

Verdivia Falls

Hiking lovers can hike to Verdivia Falls in less than an hour to experience your outdoor adventures in Doa Remedios Trinidad. It isn’t far from Biak Na Bato National Park and other visiting spots. Its view will leave you standing and staring at the amazing waterfall down the green and mossy rocks. It’s a hidden gem for nature and peace lovers. Add the magic of nature to your Instagram feed with your classy photographs.

4: Pinagrealan Cave

Pinagrealan Cave captures visitors’ attention with its beautiful limestone rock formations, pools, smooth and pointy icecaps, and a mineral formation holding a shape like an icicle hanging from a cave’s ceiling. It’s a masterpiece that steals the spotlight at a fancy art show with its cool design. This cave lets your inner photographer come out and get your hands on its amazing portraits.

5: Bitbit Bridge

Another gem of a spot for outdoor adventures in Bulacan is the Bitbit Bridge on Norzagaray’s edges. At the same time, visitors enjoy the pristine waters of the Bitbit River flowing from the Sierra Madre right below the bridge. Bitbit Bridge is a perfect background for the picture on your Instagram feed. Click as many photos as you want on and off the bridge, portraying the amazing bridge surrounded by greenery. Besides that, it offers biking, fishing, boating, rappelling, diving, and much more. 

6: Bustos Heritage Park

Bustos Heritage Park

Bustos Heritage Park exhibits notable events from the pages of history, including World War 2, in the form of sculptures and monuments. After walking all day long during your trip, you can sit in this park to relax and enjoy exploring art and history. A mini zoo, a birdhouse, an open lounge space, and snacks at the Minasa right next to the park keep you enjoying your time to the fullest.

7: Hotel Masfino

Hotel Masfino

For quality time with your family, no other place will offer the maintenance, cleanliness, luxury, and peace that Hotel Masfino offers. It’s the most Instagrammable resort located in the quiet countryside of Bulacan, providing various fun activities for all ages, including volleyball, basketball-in-a-pool, dune buggy, a playground, swimming pools with a raging river, and biking. It will take your followers a second to double-tap and click your elegant photoshoot on Instagram.

8: Reyes Strawberry Farm

Reyes Strawberry Farm

A self-taught strawberry farmer built Reyes Strawberry Farm almost a decade back. Reyes Farm is recommended for visitors in December because that’s the peak season. The farm attracts visitors with fresh strawberries and fruits, including grapes, rambutan, and Dragon Fruit. Clicking cute pictures while having sweet fruits is a fun experience.

9: Pulilan Heritage Town

Pulilan Heritage Town

As the name suggests, Pulilan Heritage Town is captivating, featuring various ancestral homes. These homes are well-preserved due to the effort of heritage warriors and give you a feel of a home from the movies. Interestingly, one of these homes, “Casa Nova,” was featured in the romantic film “Moments of Love” in 2006. These preserved heritage homes, including Casa Balbina, Casa Adriano Salvador, and Casa San Francisco, give the best content for your Instagram photos.

10: Malolos Capitol


First sight at The Malolos Capitol makes you think it’s just an old building, but it is not. It’s architectural magic that leaves you in a trance upon first look. After looking at the building, it seems like a piece from the past brought to life. Your camera assists you in capturing all that vintage charm.

Final Words

Bulacan is a land of heroes and rich historical sites, and its trip isn’t like a regular vacation. It is a place where brilliance meets perfection. Something awaits you where you go. Pack your bags, take your camera, charge your phone, and kick off your epic journey through the wonders of Bulacan. Bulacan is the perfect destination for a day trip during the weekends.

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