Our Picks: The Best Travel Bags for Golf in 2024

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If you are a golf player and looking for the best golf travel bags of 2024, this article is for you. Your travel cover stays with you for a few hours; most of the time, it stays in a wardrobe or other safe places. Even during these few hours of traveling, you don’t want to drag a heavy bag that takes up a giant space. So, we have brought travel bags that offer convenience, great storage capacity, portability, and economical price tags. Delight yourself with a new golf bag as per your choice and budget. 

Our Picks: Travel Bags for Golf:

The travel bags featured in this article are great in variety. They are available in different colors. Tap the given link to explore more about the desired bag. Please scroll down to view our picks for the best golf travel bags.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider:

Sun Mountain ClubGlider

Our Ratings

  • Capacity 4.8/5  Design 5/5  Portability 5/5  Durability 5/5  Value 4.5/5
Why did we pick it?
  • We feel its fold-out legs in the center with wheels assist in convenient rolling the bag.
What to consider in it?
  • Travelers can demand a stiff arm for additional protection.

Size: 52″ x 14″ x 14″

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Cover is a simple yet functional travel case for golfers. Its spacious interior and leg mechanism with two pairs of wheels help pull the bag more smoothly than ever before on airports or roads. Its innovative and extended leg mechanism, supported by two more wheels, holds the weight of your bag. These additional wheels save you from the hassles of loading or unloading your golf bag. There are two exterior access pockets for storing extra gear.

This travel cover has been titled “Golf Digest Editor’s Choice” for Travel Bags for seven consecutive years. Its additional features, like a built-in GPS and a thermal variometer, are also very likable. As it is built from high-quality material, it offers a great warranty and durability for a longer period.

Club Glove Last Bag:

Club Glove Last Bag

Our Ratings

  • Capacity 5/5  Design 5/5 Portability 5/5 Durability 5/5  Value 5/5
Why did we pick it?
  • We feel this bag is long-lasting with single-webbing reinforcement and burst-proof construction. 
Why do we consider it?
  • Travelers might find this bag heavy to carry.

Size: 51″ x 15″ x 14″.

The Club Glove Last Bag is a perfect choice among the golf bags for weekend golf gateway. The bag can accommodate a set of clubs in a standard-sized carrier, golf balls, shirts, shorts, towels, and two pairs of golf shoes in the main case and two external pockets. It is made with InvistaTM Cordura 1000 D nylon. This nylon is water resistant, three times stronger, and five times more durable than standard polyester, making this bag durable for longer.

The bag contains reliable and long-lasting YKK zippers and ITW Nexus Buckles. A zipper over the top assists in easy loading. The bag is accompanied by an adjustable free Stiff Arm, a 3-piece telescoping club protector suitable for all travel bags, and protects clubs from damage. Club Glove Last Bag is considered a top choice for travel bags in college golf for having the TSA-approved lock backed by a lifetime warranty. The weightage is evenly balanced throughout the bag despite the 45-pound weight after packing.

Sunday Golf STIX_THE MULE:

Our Ratings

  • Capacity 4.9/5  Design 5/5  Portability 5/5  Durability 5/5  Value 5/5
Why did we pick it?
  • It is an ultimate pick because it is lightweight and can be folded when not in use.
Q: What to consider in it?
  • We feel some travelers may consider the addition of wheels to roll the bag through the airport.

Size: 49” x 14”x 12”.

Sunday Golf STIX_THE MULE is a well-made premium travel bag perfect for golfers of all levels. Its elegant design perfectly accommodates Sunday’s Loma, XL, and El Camino golf bags. It is made from durable, water-resistant 420D high-denier nylon with PU leather at the top and bottom, providing superior protection. It has a padded shoulder strap that evenly balances your clubs’ weight. The Sunday Golf STIX_THE MULE is a perfect choice for those who like to carry a traveling bag rather than roll it at the airport. This bag is without wheels, making it lighter and foldable when not in use. Its security is maintained with the TSA-approved lock.

The Sun Mountain Kube:

sun mountain kube bag

Our Ratings

  • Capacity 5/5  Design 5/5  Portability 5/5  Durability 5/5  Value 4.5/5
Why did we pick it?
  • We feel the fold-out legs in the center of the bag with wheels make it easy to pull the bag on surfaces.
What to consider in it?
  • A stiff arm can be demanded for additional protection from travelers.

Size: 9” x 13” x 14.5” (folded) and 52” x 13” x 14.5” (expanded).

The Sun Mountain Kube is a classy, appealing, yet exciting addition to the golf travel gear. It is made from ballistic-style nylon fabric and dense foam padding throughout the construction for protection. Its Polycarbonate hard-shell construction is very similar to the ClubGlider. 

The central compartment is for space with an expandable section for club accessories. Its adjustable strap system secures the clubs and offers great corner protection. The Sun Mountain Kube is perfect for golfers who want to fit their travel case easily into the rental car trunk. Its brilliance is enhanced because it is lightweight despite its robust build. The TSA-approved lock protects the bag wherever it goes. It can be folded into a small suitcase when not in use.

Ogio Alpha Travel Cover:

Ogio Alpha Travel Cover

Our Ratings

  • Capacity 4/5  Design 5/5  Portability 5/5  Durability 5/5  Value 5/5
Why did we pick it?
  • The bag is easy to load and unload because of its unique shape.
What to consider in it?
  • The bag is easy to load and unload because of its unique shape.

Size: Standard, Medium, and Maximum.

The Ogio Alpha Travel Cover is among the bags that carry golf clubs easily. There is no need to worry about security and durability as long as you have this bag. It has extra padding around the clubheads and reinforced compression straps with handles. Your clubs will reach your destination undamaged. It is made from 600D high-denier nylon, which protects clubs against wear and tear. Moreover, its 360-degree spinner wheels help in the effortless pulling of the bag.

The Ogio Alpha Travel Cover has a unique D-shaped opening and detachable shoulder strap. It makes loading and unloading the bag easy without holding the two sides apart. There are external pockets for carrying additional stuff. The internal compression straps that keep your case secure. It’s multiple sizes and effortless Integrated wheels contribute to convenient traveling, and TSA-approved locks are among the prominent features that make it a consideration for golfers.

Caddy Daddy Golf Travel Bag:

Caddy Daddy Golf Travel Bag

Our Ratings

  • Capacity 5/5  Design 3.5/5  Portability 5/5  Durability 5/5  Value 4/5
Why did we pick it?
  • Storing this bag is much easier because its top half is hard-shell, and the bottom part can be compressed.
What to consider in it?
  • Its top feels a little heavy while I’m carrying the bag.

Size: 51” x 13” x 13”.

The CaddyDaddy Enforcer Golf Travel Bag Cover is a unique travel case, particularly due to its design. It is specially for the golfers occupying a small storage place. It possesses a Hard Case at the top and a soft side at the bottom made from durable 600D high-denier polyester protecting the clubs. Its inline skate wheels at the bottom carry the weight, and the bag compresses itself to vacant space for storage. A handle at the center makes it easy to lift the bag into a car or onto a weight scale at the airport. The CaddyDaddy Enforcer Golf Travel Bag is a top-quality travel case from the past two decades. It is backed by a warranty of a year, individual club padded compartments, TSA-approved locks, and a spacious interior with external pockets.

The Izzo Golf High Roller Travel Bag:

Izzo Golf High Roller Travel Bag

Our Ratings

  • Capacity 4.2/5  Design 4/5  Portability 5/5  Durability 3.5/5  Value 4/5
Why did we pick it?
  • We feel that having six wheels on the bottom of the bag makes it easy to roll upright. 
What to consider in it?
  • Besides the superior features, we conclude that its top is a little heavy.

Size: 53” x 16” x 12”.

The Izzo High Roller golf bag is immensely impressive because of its sleek, classy appearance and extraordinary features. The golfers carry it with great convenience and style. It is made from premium 1680D ballistic nylon. The bag has a heavy top with six wheels at the bottom and an adjustable handle to lift and pull the bag. In terms of space, it has organized spacious compartments and external pockets.

Moreover, its interior liner and compartments are removable and washable. These travel bags are extremely portable and durable for travel through airports. The golfers who prefer luxury, convenience, durability, and less stress opt for the Izzo Golf High Roller Travel Bag for traveling. It is unlike the standard bulky golf bags due to the features such as self-locking sleeves that pamper each club and TSA-approved locks.

The Tour Trek TC Pro Travel Golf Bag:

The Tour Trek TC Pro Travel Golf Bag

Our Ratings

  • Capacity 4.8/5  Design 4.7/5  Portability 5/5  Durability 4/5  Value 4/5
Why did we pick it?
  • This travel bag feels lightweight to carry while pushing it into the car or pulling it through the airport or road.
What to consider in it?
  • We believe the bag’s interior could be a little bigger to offer more space for the accessories.

Size: 52” x 14” x 14”

The TourTrek TC PRO Travel Glof bag is an excellent travel pick due to its protective padding and portability. Its durable design features a spacious interior with a shoe bag externally. Several high-quality features of the Tour Trek TC Pro Travel Golf Bag make it a royal choice for golfers. It is made from water-resistant and durable 600D nylon. Its hard-shell top and thick padded bottom are supported by spinning wheels and an ergonomic handle that pulls the bag effortlessly. The presence of compression straps, TSA-approved locks for cubs, and a protective rain hood still makes it a stand-out choice with a relatively competitive price tag.

Final Words

That’s all from our side. Above are our top picks as the best travel bags for Golf in 2024 among the well-performing golf travel bags. Each bag had unique features, design, durability, and composition, so they made it to our list of best golf travel bags during testing.

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