Costco Travel is here for all passionate travelers or storytellers looking for a platform to share their passion for travel with a global audience. This website is perfect for sharing information, insights, expertise, and personal experience with the general and traveling enthusiast. All the bloggers, content writers, and individual writers will write content about the following topics:

  • Business Tourism
  • In-Bound tourism.
  • Sports Tourism.
  • Rural Tourism. 
  • Family Holidays.
  • Urban Tourism
  • Vacations

Our travel agency has been serving clients for more than two years in Asia. During the customization of the trip, the agency will offer booking your hotel and flight services. However, the agency will only provide visa services in the Middle East as we don’t have a candidate qualifying the required criteria in the other locations. Writers will guide seasoned travelers in scheduling a convenient, affordable, stress-free, memorable trip. Your content must show the audience who want to visit abroad appropriately. 

Why Write For Us

There comes a question in every reader’s mind on why they should write for us. There are many reasons for this. Above all, this platform allows you to extend your knowledge and expertise in traveling with the audience. You can contribute to planning a valuable trip for our audience. Second, you can inspire travelers to explore the best destinations without worrying about convenience and budget. Also, get in touch with traveling enthusiasts, business professionals, and families seeking guidance for their next visit and guide them accordingly.

Writing Topics

The writing topics of guest posts on our website are comprehensively available below:

  • Business Tourism: 

Under this topic, the writers will share tips, packages, traveling trends, and corporate travel experiences for clients planning a Business tour. The audience will read about the best networking opportunities abroad, contributing to a convenient tour.

  • Rural and Urban Tourism:

The writers will suggest unique destinations for tours to rural and urban areas. Apart from that, the audience will read about the best deals, available accommodation, reviews of hotels, and more insights that can make their visit memorable.

  • Sports Tourism:

All the sports freak people who want to visit abroad to watch cricket, football, tennis, or any other particular event will get information about the best available deals on this topic. They will learn about the most suitable sports-related destination with affordable airfare.

  • Family Holidays:

Here, clients will learn about the best available packages for heading off on a family vacation. In this topic, writers will write about suitable destinations, famous spots, and other insights. 

  • Vacations:

Clients seeking affordable and smooth packages for a vacation will get the details of the best packages offered by our agency. Writers will also shed light on recommendations and tips that can make this journey a lifetime experience for you.

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Writing Guidelines for Guest Posts

Specific writing guidelines are required from the guest post writers. The content must satisfy these requirements to ensure a smooth collaboration.

  • First and foremost, the written content must be original, unique, genuine, and 100% unique. The article must not match with the content from any other website.
  • The preferred length of the article must be at least 800-1000 words. The website can extend it further as per their requirement.
  • The article must properly place Heading1, Heading2, and Heading3, bullet points, and additional requirements regarding organization and formatting. It makes the content easy to read for the visitors.
  • The writers can avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes using the Grammarly Chrome extension or any other tool. Your content must be free from spelling and grammar errors before submission.
  • Make sure your content is engaging and informative for the readers.
  • You can suggest primary or secondary keywords while submitting your content; the website will publish it accordingly.  
  • The website reserves the right to publish and edit the article. The writers are not allowed to post the article on any site before or after handing it over to us. Otherwise, you may face consequences for doing so.
  • You can insert internal or outbound links to your articles with proper anchor text. However, these links must not belong to spammy sites, violating Google’s policies. 

The Process to Submit Your Guest Post

Once you complete the content, submit it to the site as per the following instructions:

  •  Email your guest post request to in the form of a Word document or Google Document file. Add “Guest Post Submission: (Article Main Title)” as the subject line. 
  • Before writing the article, introduce yourself briefly and proceed further.
  • The editorial team will review the received article and hold the authority to edit the article as per the content demand.
  • The website publish the article upon acceptance and will forward you the URL of the guest post article.

Our platform is a perfect place to invite writers to share their knowledge, experience, and information with traveling enthusiasts through their content. Apart from customizing trips for travelers, your content will play an integral role in shaping the future of travel. Take advantage of this opportunity and introduce yourself to the world of traveling lovers. We are committed to building a reliable and engaging website that contributes to the journey of learning and self-improvement.