Visit the Top Most Instagrammable Places in the Philippines in 2024

Instagrammable Places in the Philippines

If you are craving to unleash your inner travel influencer, get ready to read about the top Instagrammable places in the Philippines. The land of the Philippines is filled with breathtaking beaches, vibrant cities, and unique landscapes. You can plan your next visit here to capture unforgettable shots for your Instagram. The paradise on earth offers historical charm, eye-catching sunrise & sunset views, geological wonders, hidden waterfalls, and much more. Capture the breathtaking beauty of the Philippines and capture social attention with your shots. To get more articles about other places located worldwide, visit our website. You can also read about the top Instagrammable places in Bulacan here.

Top Instagrammable Places in the Philippines

  • Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City invites global explorers to dive into its hidden gems for Insta-worthy shots. The city is filled with vibrant street art by the renowned artists. You can strike a pose by The Globe and capture the iconic exterior of Bonifacio Global City Arts Center. The blend of modern architecture and lush greenery will add life to your photographs. Moreover, you can capture the golden hour glow on the BGC Skybridge and vintage vibes at The Curator or the neon lights of Unit 27 for your gram. 

  • Intramuros

It is a historical city in the Philippines. Its historical elegance is a living canvas for your Instagram. Explorers can capture the hidden charm and beauty of Fort Santiago’s dramatic walls. Besides that, you can shoot a click at the Puerta Real gardens or the tucked-away Baluarte de San Andres, which are considered the city’s hidden gems. You can also capture the food aesthetics of Savor Filipino cuisine at Cafe Barasoain and let your viewers guess what it is.

  • Dessert Museum

The Dessert Museum Manila is a wonderland that awaits to be snapped by the explorers. It has eight themed rooms filled with sugary delights and perfect backdrops for the photographs. It includes a Donut room, Marshmallow room, Cady cane room, Ice Cream room, Bubble Gum room, Cake room, Banana Beach, and Bewitched Bakery. Dive into the rooms and capture the iconic pictures that stun everyone on your feed. 

  • Kawasan Falls 

Kawasan Falls invites you to capture the flowing waters with lush jungles in the background. Visitors can float on a bamboo raft and click the shots of vibrant water reflecting the sky and greenery. You can also click the shots of smiling vendors selling fresh coconuts or colorful sarongs on different stalls. In addition, your cameras can also capture the break-taking sunrise shots if you get up early in the morning.

  • Fortune Island

This place is for visitors who love to explore and capture the panoramic views of dramatic rock formations across the ocean. Its clear water, abundant lights, incredible sunsets, and local food cuisines deserve to be captured by its explorers. This place takes you far away from the city lights, where you can view the Milky Way in all its glory at night. 

  • Puka Beach

This beach invites you to get a perfect background for your Instagram feed with its pristine white sand, crystal-clear waters, and dramatic rock formations. Moreover, the visitors can capture the breathtaking view of the stars on the beach at night. Enjoy the beauty of nature and share your experience with others.

  • Rizal Park

This place is a treasure of Instagrammable moments. You can start by getting stunning shots of Manila’s iconic green heart at Rizal Park. You will be in awe of this historical place’s unique water show, colorful lights, and lush green Sunken gardens. It is a unique blend of history, nature, and culture.

  • San Agustin Church

The oldest stone church in the Philippines is San Agustin. Explorers can discover its architectural marvels and sacred spaces to capture the essence of history and faith. Its grand interior gives a very peaceful feel when you go in. This church is a living example of faith, art, and resilience. 

  • Pinto Art Museum

The magic of the Pinto Art Museum keeps art lovers alive whenever they are in the Philipines. You have much to capture here, especially the playful furniture and vibrant interiors. Also, bless your feed with breathtaking views of Manila Bay, surrounded by modern art sculptures. 

  • Venice Grand Canal 

At this place, you have to take your camera and shoot scenic photographs along the canals with pastel buildings reflecting in the water. The romantic charm of canals, gondolas, and Venetian architecture will surely be a memorable addition to your feed. Also, capturing the live echo of musicians and street vendors adds to the charm of this site.

  • BGC Art

BGC Art Center is a haven for creativity and visual delights. The thought-provoking art pieces, neon sculptures, and inspiring creations will leave the viewers in awe of their magnificence. Its Art Market, Murals, & Street Art captivate local and international viewers.

Final words:

You will get cultural masterpieces, nature wonders, artistic expressions, and historical charm in the Philippines. Its Instagrammable places offer the perfect backdrop for your feed. So, if you want to experience its beauty, pack your camera and set off on a trip to the Philippines. While capturing the snaps, you have to act responsibly. Make sure you travel responsibly and respect local communities.

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